Free Merch by Amazon Tools to Elevate Your Merch Business

As a Merch by Amazon seller, it’s important to take advantage of any free tools available to help you streamline your Merch business and ultimately free up time.
We understand it’s important to you, so we dedicated a lot of our time developing a suite of free tools that you can use any time from anywhere in many different ways to help you elevate your Amazon Merch business!

Amazon Merch Product Research Tool

Our Merch by Amazon Product Research tool is a fantastic free tool to use to quickly validate any niche to see if there is demand for the products within this niche. You can use this tool to run searches to find ideas that have a great chance of selling before you ever create them.

With this tool you can run a search on any idea and have important data returned such as the Amazon Seller Rank, the Estimated Monthly Sales a product is receiving along with Price, Brand, ASIN, Product Image, and a link to each product on Amazon.

You can select and search any Merch by Amazon category. This tool will be updated with new Merch categories as they are released.

Merch by Amazon Product Research - Free Tool

Amazon Merch Keyword Research Tool

Have you ever struggled to find keywords that people are actually searching for? Our Keyword Research tool fixes that issue for you. It’s a simple tool that fetches the top 10 autosuggested keywords from Amazon for any search query you enter.

Amazon is a big data company, and when they suggest a search query it’s for good reason. Each of these returned keywords is listed as an autosuggestion on Amazon because enough people are consistently running search queries based around these keywords.

Keyword Reseach for Merch by Amazon - Free Tool

ASIN Finder Tool

Our ASIN finder tool allows you to copy the URL of any product on Amazon, and simply paste it into our search box, click search, and it will return the ASIN of the product.

It’s a very simple tool that was created for those that do not know how to find the ASIN for a product on Amazon.

ASIN Finder - Amazon Tool

Trademark Checker

Our Trademark Search tool allows you to quickly search any word or phrase to see if it SAFE to use, or NOT SAFE to use. It searches data from the official database, and then returns the safety of the trademark to you.

You should always check the trademark safety on each Merch by Amazon t-shirt or product idea before you ever put any time into creating them.

Trademark Checker - Merch by Amazon Free Tool

Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Builder Tool

Our Merch by Amazon T-Shirt builder tool is new, and consistently being improved! It’s the perfect tool for quickly making simple t-shirt designs that use text, quotes, or simple phrases along with a few graphics to complement your design.

You can quickly add text, choose font types from Google’s massive font library, and even upload PNG files from your own computer, and add them to your canvas.

One of the great things about this tool is that you are not required to download any software. You can access the tool from any computer that has an internet connection, create a design, and download it. The downloaded file will already be optimized for the proper Merch by Amazon t-shirt template dimensions (4500px x 5400px).

Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Builder - Free Tool

Image & Vector Search Tool

Our Image and Vector Search Tool fetches images from multiple sources and quickly brings them back to you. You’ll have access to free and paid images, graphics, and vector files that you can use on your Merch by Amazon t-shirt designs.

This tool can also be used to find inspiration, and ideas that you can implement into your own t-shirt designs. More image sources will be added to this tool as we continue to improve it.

Merch by Amazon Image and Vectors Research Tool

Merch by Amazon Image Resizer Tool

Our image resizer tool allows you to quickly take an existing Merch by Amazon t-shirt design (4500px by 5400px) and resize it for the proper Hoodie dimensions (4500px by 4050px) without pixelating, stretching, or losing any quality on the original image. You can access this tool and use it freely whenever you like from any computer with an internet connection.

As Merch by Amazon continues to add new product types that require different dimensions we’ll add the resize option to this tool for each product type.

Merch by Amazon Image Resizer for Hoodies

Wrapping Up

The above list covers each of the free Merch by Amazon tools that we currently offer. We’ll continue to improve our tools and develop more tools that can help bring value to you, and ultimately make it easier and less time consuming for you to take your Amazon Merch business to the next level.

We do have a suite of premium tools that make it very easy for you to conduct product and keyword research for Merch by Amazon. You’ll quickly find product ideas and keywords that have potential to sell before you ever create them! You can try our suite of premium tools for free with our 7-day trial!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for tools you would like to see, just let me know in the comments section below.