Help, Guides and FAQ

Everything you need to know about using Merch Titans software to properly conduct product research to ultimately drive more Merch by Amazon sales!

How are my payments processed and what payment methods do you accept?

Merch Titans accepts PayPal and Stripe as payment options for our membership. Payments are billed monthly, bi-yearly or yearly (depending on choice) unless a users credit card expires, doesn't have enough funds, or is cancelled.

Can I change my personal details such as email, name, password or avatar?

Yes, you can change that information by clicking here.

Where can I find my past and upcoming orders?

You can find your orders here.

Where can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription here.

What are notifications and what purpose do they serve?

Merch Titans offers real-time notifications for a variety of different reasons. We offer notifications for trademarks, tracked products, replies and responses from our forums, messages, updates from the staff, and much more.

Why can't I search more than 100 products in the product/brand search module?

Amazon limits the amount of products you can fetch per request to a maximum of 100 products.

What is Titans Vault?

Titans Vault is an actively updated collection of the top selling Merch by Amazon products. You are able to filter the products however you like and instantly load a list of the top 100 - 1000 products based on the Best Sellers Rank, and/or keyword. You are able to view historical pricing and BSR data on every single product whenever you like. Titans Vault is the perfect tool for quickly finding profitable product ideas and niches in a manner of seconds!

What is Product Tracker?

With our Product Tracker module you can track the Price, and Best Sellers Rank of any product you find interesting and we'll send you weekly notifications showing you the evolution of the product.

The Product Tracker module also has a few additional features such as:

  • A quick glance of product analytics
  • The ability to check a products position in Amazon for any keyword
  • A list of products related to any tracked product

How Trademark Alerts works

Our Trademark Alerts module allows you to add any keyword or phrase that you would like to track and be alerted about when/if it ever becomes officially trademarked on
Keep your Merch by Amazon account safe by adding all the phrases you use on your shirts to this module. We'll alert you via email and inside your dashboard if they ever become trademarked.

What does the Product SEO module do?

Our Product Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module allows you to put in the ASIN of any product on Amazon and specify a keyword to run a check through specific criteria/rules from Amazon and Google to generate an SEO score between 0% and 100%. The better the score the more likely the product is to rank highly in Amazon and Google for the specified keyword.